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About us

Our restaurant name is entirely influenced by Indian culture. OMIndianBistro serves fine Indian cuisines to the people in Phoenix AZ city, in North America.

We at OM Indian Bistro never forget our dedication and commitment to our customers to bring the finest Indian cuisines combined with outstanding services. Our main aim is to bring the authentic taste of Indian cuisines to food lovers.

We provide a classic combination of Indian taste, culture, and traditional values to give our customers memorable Indian cuisines at our restaurant. Our enthusiasm, Indian style, and restaurant interior ensure to make a wonderful dining experience. We are proud to present all-time favorite cuisines at the most reasonable prices. We promise you to experience the comprehensive range of the finest Indian food at our Indian restaurant.

“Relax and Enjoy distinctive flavors of Indian Cuisines with us”

We have bought the best Indian food to suit all tastes.

With an emphasis on cultured and creative Indian cuisine, our menu incorporates both traditional and original Veg delectable cuisines in enormous flavors. Our menu incorporates several other mouth-watering Indian cuisines with perfect flavors. We include new and exciting Indian cuisines every season to deliver the very best to our customers. OM Indian Bistro is the perfect home to Indian food to remember their taste for a long time to come.

OM Indian Bistro has gained a huge reputation for its high-quality Indian cuisines, friendly atmosphere, and first-class customer service. A restaurant has an entire Indian theme design and an inviting atmosphere.

We have cautiously selected our menu with a variety of enjoyable and delicious meals. The wide range of dishes included in our menu is uttermost delectable and ensures to leave you feeling quite satisfied. It shows the culture, tradition, and style of living that give quality to every Indian cuisine.

Simply have a look at our Menu and get ready to enjoy an unforgettable lunch/dinner.

Small Platters
South Indian Specials
Indo Chinese Specials

The ambiance at OM Indian Bistro makes a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere allowing you to experience the best Indian hospitality. You can even take it home through our Take Away service.

Rejoice your food with Organic Indian Home Cooked Indian Food available at OM Indian Bistro

Our team has several years of experience, ability, and in-depth knowledge about every Indian cuisine included in our menu. The expertise and talent of our chefs present creative and innovative dishes. We make our customers feel amazing special and welcome. Our commitment is to provide a fresh and unique taste of Indian food cooked with passion.

We very well understand the delicate flavors of spices and use them accordingly to give the real flavor to the food. We use fresh ingredients and spices to preserve the authenticity of every cuisine. The cooking methods and distinct tastes give you a chance to truly enjoy your Indian dining.

OM Indian Bistro is the perfect Indian Restaurant in Phoenix AZ city for those who are looking for an exceptional dining experience in the area.